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Team Penske eNASCAR Pro Heat Race Report - Eldora
July 2, 2020

Team Penske eSports eNASCAR Heat Pro League Race Report

Track:                  Virtual Eldora Speedway
Race:                   Round 9 – NASCAR Gander Outdoor & RV Truck Series
Date:                   July 1, 2020

No. 2 Shell-Pennzoil Ford F-150 – Brian Tedeschi (ShellVPower22)

Console: Xbox One
Start: 8th
Finish: 6th
Status: Running
Laps Completed: 90/90
Points: 4th (-27)


  • Brian Tedeschi (ShellVPower22) started the final segment of the eNASCAR Heat Pro League race at the popular, virtual Eldora Speedway with a sixth-place finish in a race that was cut short by 10 laps due to Xbox server issues.
  • A unique dynamic to this race was that pit stops for fuel or tires were not necessary as the drivers could run the entire race without a pit stop – unless they were forced to pit for damage repair.
  • Tedeschi started eighth and was up to the sixth position on a restart with 51 laps to go. A shifter issue for one of the competitors ahead of Tedeschi caused the field to bunch up with the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford F-150 receiving the most damage from the contact.
  • Despite dropping to the 13th position after the incident, Tedeschi carved his way through the field and made it back to sixth before technical issues that ended the race prematurely.


“Eldora is very bottom-dominant in the game, so it came down to who could hit the line the best each lap. Definitely had some wild restarts with several incidents, especially the one that sent me to the rear of the field after repairs. We showed how fast our Shell-Pennzoil Ford was in driving back to sixth before the issues that ended the race. I’m happy to start the segment off with a solid finish and I’m looking forward to the tracks coming up next.”

No. 22 Wurth Ford F-150 – Corey Rothgeb (Wurth_2)

Console: PlayStation 4
Start: 12th
Finish: 9th
Status: Running
Laps Completed: 90/90
Points: 2nd (-25)


  • Corey Rothgeb (Wurth_2) finished ninth in the PlayStation 4 race for the eNASCAR Heat Pro League (eNHPL) at the virtual Eldora Speedway, the first race in the final segment before a wild card event that will set the field for the championship finale.
  • After starting the race from the 12th position, Rothgeb smoothly worked his way into the top 10. The 90-lap race ran green the entire way with no pit stops for tires or fuel, which didn’t work to Rothgeb’s advantage.
  • Without a break in the action and the field racing single file for most of the race, Rothgeb did not receive any help in trying make up any more track position and crossed the finish line in the ninth position.
  • Team Penske eSports is now sixth in the team standings for the 2020 eNHPL season.


"Dirt racing is not my forte. We didn’t qualify well but found something in race trim today that really helped. We got in a group there from sixth back to ninth and we just couldn’t go anywhere, but I think our F-150 was better than where we finished. We just got too spread out and had no cautions to bunch us back up. I can’t wait to get back on asphalt and on the ovals where I think we’ve had a strong Wurth Ford.”



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